Our Mission

We believe that every cannabis business should have the best tools and resources available to them in order to effectively grow their business at their desired pace.

Our team is dedicated to your success and will ensure you will never need to use another solution provider again.

Join the Kushify family and take your business to the next level today.

Available Features

Kushify offers some of the most exclusive features for the Cannabis Industry. From Inventory Management to providing Rewards and offers we got you covered. Take advantage of our extensive offering and get started today!

Point of Sale

With Kushify, you can easily launch a fully functional Point of Sale system for either in-store or delivery phone orders. 

Online Ordering

Have Patients that would rather just order online after viewing your menu? Allow for Patients to easily order online from your menu.

Account Verification

Ensure your Patients can legally order from you. Keep track of Drivers License & Medical Recommendation (Optional).

Inventory Management

Keep track of complex quantities and open jar sales. Easily manage inventory across several locations all in one place.

Multiple Locations

Have more than just one location? Allow your Patients to order from your locations for easy order management & inventory.

Driver Management

Offer a delivery service? Manage your drivers and assign orders with a breeze either manually or automatically for select orders.

Rewards Program

Kushify, has a complete rewards program that mimics the classic punch card system. Great way to increase sales.

Coupons & Offers

Have products you want to get off the shelf with a limited time offer or with a coupon code? Get setup with just a few clicks!

Staff & Manager Accounts

Know who is doing what, with user account roles. Restrict what staff and managers can do and see within your store.

Complete Patient Profile

Keep track of all your Patients information. Including their Name, Location, Contact Information, and Verification Status.

Easy to Customize

Want to stand out from the rest? Customizing your store design is can be done with custom css and our included modules.

Mobile App Included

Every business running on the Kushify network receive a unique progressive mobile application Patients can use for direct access.

Custom Branding

Add or change your logo, phone number, address, or anything you can think of. It is 100% your business and your vision.

Real Time Analytics

Every business running on Kushify, receives real-time analytics and data regarding visitors, sales, app installs, point of sale reports and more.

Custom Receipts

The features are endless with Kushify, including being able to customize your stores receipts. Add promos, surveys, etc.

Advanced Review System

Our advanced review system allows store owners to effortlessly get feedback on products being offered in-store & online.

SMS Marketing (Coming Soon)

Our engineers are currently working on getting SMS/MMS (Text Message) Marketing up and running soon. Please check back later.

Email Marketing (Coming Soon)

Our engineers are currently working on getting Email (Snail Mail) Marketing up and running soon. Please check back later.

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